Informative campaign #smartshopper

Mastercard together with the Financial Latvia Association and banks organised the campaign #smartshopper....  read more ››› Social Leaders Lab in Riga wanted to create a gathering in which leaders from 13 community-driven nonprofits.....  read more ›››

Launch of the beverage packaging deposit system in Latvia

On February 1, the beverage packaging deposit system was launched in Latvia. ...  read more ›››

1st escape room game in Latvia in cooperation with Fanta

In honor of the new Fanta flavors launched on the market by the Coca-Cola company.....  read more ›››

Informative campaign #smartshopper on Facebook

Mastercard together with the Financial Latvia Association and banks organised the campaign #smartshopper....  read more ›››

European Energy Latvia launch

With an ambition to promote Latvia's energy independence, Danish renewable energy developer European Energy.....  read more ›››

Depression scorecard: Latvia

After Covid-19 pandemic it was crucial to shape the environment by putting depression into the focus.....  read more ›››

Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in Latvia, retail chain “Maxima” organised a grand lottery....  read more ›››

Healthy eating movement “Ēstprieks”

“Ēstprieks” is a social initiative of “Maxima Latvija” and Children’s Clinical University Hospital....  read more ›››

Find your match, thank us later!

Valentine's Day is a time of celebration for people in a relationship, those that are single might feel lonely...  read more ›››

Virsnīši family adventure in Africa

In November 2019 well known Latvian influencer family Virsnīši fulfilled their lifetime dream,...  read more ›››

Virši goes into the stock exchange

Showing rapid growth and defining ambitious targets for further growth, Virši, a domestic trader......  read more ›››

Contactless card campaign in Latvia "Beep and done!"

Mastercard in partnership with Finance Latvia Association organized informative campaign “Beep and done!” .....  read more ›››

Introduction of deposit system in Latvia - communication strategy

In the second half of 2020, the SES organized a tender for a potential deposit system operator.....  read more ›››

The habits of smart online shopping are strengthening

In the summer of 2020, Mastercard in cooperation with Finance Latvia Association, banks and local merchants.....  read more ›››

Children's Rehabilitation Day

The Children's Rehabilitation Center "Poga" and "Maxima Latvija" in 2017 launched a charity campaign...  read more ›››

Meet the ŠKODA family

In 2018, Škoda Latvia introduced their clients with the new models – crossovers KODIAQ and KAROQ.. ...  read more ›››

Cognizant Technology Solutions launch in Latvia

Media relations and event management for grand opening of the Center of Cogznizant ...  read more ›››

Harmonizing Stakeholder Interests - the Rail Baltica Global Forum

The Rail Baltica Global Forum, organised by RB RAIL AS, has become an annual tradition. This international...  read more ›››

Ridesharing - toward progressive regulation

The ride-hailing industry clarification and argumentation to the decision makers...  read more ›››

AS MADARA Cosmetics – the most successful IPO since 2004

Development, planning and implementation of the communication campaign within AS MADARA Cosmetics IPO....  read more ›››

Tele2 SSC for students

Together with Tele2’s Shared Service Centre (Tele2 SSC), we serve to implement communications activities...  read more ›››

Maxima communication plan

Consultations in decision-making were provided after the tragic events in Zolitude...  read more ›››

Hansa Martix communication plan

A communication plan has been developed for attracting investors to Hansa Matrix...  read more ›››

Place Eleven communication strategy

Hanner's new building is the Class A offices which are known as Place Eleven...  read more ›››

Rail Baltica

Development and implementation of the Rail Baltica project communications strategy and action plan for...  read more ›››

Starship technologies

Starship Technologies is one of Estonia’s potentially successful start-ups. In the future, technology which...  read more ›››

Baltcom communication strategy

Baltcom have famously increased their share of media voice, which has allowed them to enrich the company's...  read more ›››

Prudentia communication strategy

Determined work has been carried out on the company's image in the business sector...  read more ›››

Citadele - on the way to IPO

Participated in the development, planning, and implementation of an international communications campaign in o...  read more ›››

The #KārumsIedvesmo campaign

The #KārumsIedvesmo campaign was driven through the brand's strong cooperation with the Latvian School Youth...  read more ›››

Airport "Riga" towards regional leadership

The communications strategy development for Riga International Airport, already supports the existing aviation...  read more ›››

Passat. New leader

Developed, coordinated, and implemented the Baltic communications campaign for the new Passat and its launch...  read more ›››

Glimstedt - communication strategy

Us entrusted work - strengthening the awareness of Glimstedt and positioning it with opinion leaders in the...  read more ›››

Haralds Velmers, Liepajas metalurgs

Communications support for the administrator, explaining to the general public the insolvency proceedings...  read more ›››

Banks Against Corruption

With help from Vīlands Associates, the leading Latvian financial institutions drew public attention to...  read more ›››

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