Results of the Riga City Council emergency elections
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Vladlens Kovaļevs
Managing Partner
Ralfs Vīlands
Strategic Partner
Elīza Lazdāne
Public Affairs Consultant
Annija Tropa
Policy Analyst

Interel Group

As of 2017 VA Government is an affiliate member of Interel Group. Interel Group is a global public affairs and government relations firm helping clients to manage political risk and capitalise on political opportunity. The Group covers more than 60 markets with three global hubs in Washington D.C., Brussels and Beijing. Over 1000 consultants provide political risk and opportunity analysis, and strategic engagement solutions. Interel Group delivers local and regional advice or one-stop-shop access to global support.


National Government Relations

Having a broad network of contacts on a national level allows us to reach key decision makers in the parliament, ministries and regulatory agencies. Major policy and nuanced legislative changes start from a political will that is continued with in depth policy discussions with key staffers and career public servants.

Municipalities & Local Authorities

Local authorities and localities play an important role in the Latvian political environment. It often affects not only regional, but also national matters. Proper dialogue by acknowledging the specifics of an individual municipality allows us to boost our clients' agenda on regional and national level.

Grassroots Advocacy

legislative agenda, grassroots advocacy is a vital tool. Public support and opinion are essential to reach major policy goals aimed at society-wide changes in legislation or regulation.

Coalition Building

Even an ideal legislative proposal cannot be passed without support of multiple stakeholder groups. Our rich network of contacts provides our clients with an opportunity to create support for their initiatives and regulatory proposals. Effective stakeholder mapping and their effective engagement boost the legislative agenda of our clients.

Policy Analysis & Issue Monitoring

Also in times of stability and prosperity there is a need to prepare for a crisis. Maintenance of the status quo or active changes of regulatory environment requires issue monitoring and consecutive management. Assessment of upcoming risks and challenges from regulators, policy makers and the executive branch allows us to protect business interests of our clients.

Political Intelligence

Policy is often driven by politics. A deep insight into the existing political environment, gives us the ability to measure and predict actions of political circles, affecting businesses and other stakeholders. Political intelligence is critical in times of substantial change, pre- and post- elections, as well as in daily operations to stay one step ahead of competitors.


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